Mondaze Candle

Mondaze Candle


We created this relaxing candle for those who dread the Monday doldrums. Lavender helps relieve stress while eucalyptus and peppermint enhance the breath and invigorate the senses. Perfect for those experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression, this calming scent will have you feeling ready to tackle your work week.

B E T H E L & C O. candles are made of clean burning, Eco-friendly soy wax. Handpoured into our vintage-modern amber straight sided glass tumbler allowing for the candlelight inside the container to throw a softer glow. Perfect for your bedside table to uplift your mood as soon as waking up or getting your day started.


-Derived from soy beans

-Reusable Glass Container

-Lead & Zinc Free Cotton Wicks

-Phthalate Free

-60 Hour Burn Time

-9 oz

Top: Lavender, Eucalyptus

Middle: Peppermint

Base: Vanilla, Clean Musk

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