Captivate Travel Candle

Captivate Travel Candle


Make any environment fresh and fragrant with our Amber & Mandarin Candle on the go. This candle helps put you in a loving mood due to the aphrodisiac benefits in amber and exciting burst of mandarin, Think of how you feel when you see a dog that smiles when you pet him, & how you are bursting with love yeah just like that.

Get cozy up and make anywhere feel like home with our candle on the go. Poured into our beautifully gold tin and perfectly paired with our cotton wick that will deliver a subtle candlelight glow for 35+ hours. Each one of our soy travel candles burn cleanly and safely so when you’re done pop on the lid and bring it along your next destination. Each tin holds 4 oz.

-Derived from soy beans

-Lead & Zinc Free Cotton Wicks

-Phthalate Free

-35 Hour Burn Time

-4 oz

Top:  Amber, Jasmine, Sandalwood
Middle: Mandarin, Lemon, Peach
Base: Vanilla

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