Captivate Candle

Captivate Candle


Make your environment fresh and fragrant with our Amber & Mandarin Candle. This candle helps put you in a loving mood due to the aphrodisiac benefits in amber and exciting burst of mandarin, Think of how you feel when you see a dog that smiles when you pet him, how you are bursting with love.

This candle is also great to eliminate odor and create a welcoming & cozy environments for you and your guest. This candles contains Essential oils only.

B E T H E L & C O. candles are made of clean burning, Eco-friendly soy wax. Handpoured into our vintage-modern amber straight sided glass tumbler allowing for the candlelight inside the container to throw a softer glow.


-Derived from soy beans

-Reusable Glass Container

-Lead & Zinc Free Cotton Wicks

-Phthalate Free

-60 Hour Burn Time

-9 oz

Top: Amber, Jasmine, Sandalwood

Middle: Mandarin, Lemon, Peach

Base: Vanilla,

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