Bougie Spa day At-Home


We love taking some time for ourselves, disconnecting from the world and go to spa. As much as we want to be in a spa every weekend we don’y have spa money to spend every weekend or other weekend. We gathered together a few tips & tricks to have an at home bougie, luxurious spa like experience. If you are ready to sit back, relax and unwind without breaking the budget keep on reading.

Get Comfy

Grab your favorite shorts & tee and get comfortable. If you want to take it an extra step & be boogie we recommend heading to your local target and picking up an inexpensive silk robes for that “ Instagram look” We are loving this rose robe from target and the best part is that its less than $30. (Not sponsored)

Set the Mood


At the moment, this may be biased but we currently are loving our handmade Sunday Spa candle. Filled with calming notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, and sweet cream will make you feel like you are walking through a garden of fresh flowers. We recommend pairing this light, pretty floral fragrance with a warm bath and a glass of your favorite wine for the ultimate at-home spa experience. Don’y just take our word for it, take a look at what our customers have been saying.

This is also a good time to get your water to start running, pour some bubbles & turn every candle you have. If you want to be extra, you can throw some flower petals to give you an luxurious look & feel.

Pour it up


it’s been a long day/week so treat yourself to your favorite glass of wine while you sit back and melt your problems away. We also recommend drinking some tea to help de-stress if you are not into drinking alcohol. If you are going to be drinking, Please drink responsibly. Our favorite wine has to be Sweet Red Wine by GALLO. You can find it at target for about $10-$12.



Zone out with your favorite vibes or put some “relaxing spa music” I can nearly guarantee you that at the end of your At home spa you’ll feel good as new.

Now that you’ve read some of our favorite tips on how to create an at-home spa experience we’d love to see what you do differently and share with our gf’s that need a time to relax and also save money.

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